Malvasia di Casorzo, red-berried grape variety which is part of the amorphous Malvasia group of grape varieties. This Malvasia is closely associated with the town of Casorzo in the Piemonte (‘Piedmont’) region of north-west Italy.

Wine styles | Its thick skin and pulp is rich in the aromatic molecule geraniol, and Malvasia di Casorzo is among the most fragrant of Malvasias. It is the grape behind the Malvasia di Casorzo d’Asti DOC, also called Malvasia di Casorzo DOC or simply Casorzo DOC (producers are free to choose any one of these three names) and styles range from off-dry to sweet, still to slightly fizzy with passito versions also made. The medium-bodied wine exudes aromas of blackberry and sometimes jammy blackcurrant, framed by fresh acidity and a tannic mouthfeel.


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