Magliocco is a red wine grape variety native to Italy. It is also known as Magliocco Dolce and Magliocco Tondo (to differentiate it from Magliocco Canino, whose berries are oval in shape).

Synonyms: Greco Nero is a variety in its own right, hence Greco Nero is an erroneous synonym of the Magliocco grape variety (Dr Ian D’Agata: 2014, p.328). Another erroneous synonym is Guarnaccia Nera.

Where grown in Italy: Calabria: Mainly in the Bivongi area. In the provinces of Crotone, Catanzaro, and Cosenza, Magliocco is used for Donnici DOC or Val di Neto IGT blends or monovarietal wines that are classically dry.

Viticulture: In contrast to Magliocco Canino, Magliocco has a noticeably smaller bunch (medium to medium-small), greater drought resistance, and is both strongly vigorous and fertile.

Wine style: Sweet black cherry, exotic fruit, tobacco, underbrush, and herb flavours. Smooth tannins.


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