Machine or  Mechanical harvesting or picking

Pros: Can work at night so grapes come in cool to the winery. Fast enough to pick a whole vineyard at full maturity, before a forecasted storm. Some of the grapes will split allowing immediate skin contact with the juice.  

Cons: High up-front costs and maintenance. Need a secure place to house it (theft, the elements). Machines cannot pick bush vines, very steep, or terraced vineyards. Machines cannot pick whole bunches which rules out Champagne AOC and Beaujolais AOC.

Unforseen breakdowns could pose potentially fatal economic consequences. Risk of including leaves, lizards, birds’ nests, and other living creatures, in the grape crush. A bad driver can cause a great deal of damage in very little time. Stradling machine harvesters create soil compaction directly around the vine, the most sensitive area. Machine harvesting requires less labour posing potential negative economic consequences on locals who traditionally turn out to pick. Less chance of conversation and shared knowledge between co-workers.