Maceratino Bianco is a white wine grape named after Macerata, a city and province in Le Marche, a region on Italy’s Adriatic coast, this being the area in which it is mainly grown. The variety is also found in the countryside around Loreto in Ancona province. Its bunches are medium-large to large and and the (medium-sized) berries are tightly packed. Hence Maceratino is fussy on site, preferring well exposed, well ventilated locations with nutrient-poor soils.

Where grown | Colli Maceratesi DOC (Marche). | Colli Macetaresi Ribona DOC (Marche).

Vineyard area | 176 ha/435 acres in Le Marche in 2010 (Oxford Companion, 2015, p.436).


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