Leica Summicron-M 50/2.0 v.5 | The 50mm Summicron is the standard recommendation for a first Leica M lens. It offers a normal perspective (similar to the human eye and with no distortion), is one of the sharpest Leica-M lenses made and was the favoured focal length of Henri Cartier-Bresson. The V version was made from 1994-2013. 

Serial number: 3996505 (Chrome). Made in 2003 (batch 3970748–3999999).

Filter thread: 39 mm (E39). 

Hood: Extended push-pull telescoping hood. Does not rotate, or lock, so can collapse. The hood has two aperture index dots, one for each position of the hood.

Weight: 242 grams (8.5 oz).

Min aperture: f/16.

Closest focus: 70cm.

Sweet spot: At f/2 and f/2.8 sharp at the centre. At 5.6 sharp over the entire image.

Pros: Compact, heavy to carry around, high performance, fairly fast (but without being like the highly corrected (and highly priced) APO-Summicron 50 ASPH).

Use for: Clean and sharp for straight ahead shots at f/2.0 with creamy out of focus background.