Leica M9 | Launched in 2009. Mine is Black. Serial number: 4204735. Purchased from FotoModerna, Siena 03rd October 2010 (€5,299.99).

Sensor:  Leica developed the sensor to make images look like Kodachrome.

Lightroom settings: Thorsten Overgaard says the M9 screen gives quite a high contrast image. But the skin tones are too red/orange. To get more correct skin tones he suggests to desaturate red and orange by 8% and 30% respectively

ISO: 160 is the base ISO (best quality) as this is what the sensor sees. Stick to 800 or under. Pull 80 – avoid. Stresses the sensor, lose 3 stops orange when you most need it–in bright conditions. Get an ND filter rather than use ‘Pull’.

Auto ISO: The Leica M9 has Auto ISO. One can manually set shutter speed and let the camera adjust ISO to give proper exposure.