Lalande de Pomerol AOC is a red wine appellation on the right bank of the Bordeaux region. A satellite of Pomerol, Lalande de Pomerol comprises Néac and Lalande de Pomerol, two communes directly north of the Pomerol AOC and thus across the Barbanne stream. In 1988 France’s Conseil d’Etat allowed the Lalande de Pomerol AOC to keep its suffix, ending a series of court cases launched by Pomerol since the end of the First World War.

Communes (2)Lalande-de-Pomerol. | Néac

Vineyard area & wine production1989 1,036ha. | 1990 1,036ha. | 1993 1,156 ha. | 1995 1,134 ha. 20ha of the poorest land was removed from the cadastre after pressure from Bernard Levrault and others. | 1996 57,970hl. | 2002 47,251hl from 1,131 hectares (CIVB).

Wine style: ‘Like lesser Pomerols at their best between three and eight years old,’ (Clive Coates MW: 1990, p.104). ‘At its best [Lalande de Pomerol is] certainly of junior Pomerol class…traditionally [with] more of the Malbec or ‘Pressac’, a difficult grape now going out of fashion,’ (Hugh Johnson: Wine Companion: 1991, p.98).


Certified organic: Château Beauregard. | Château des Annereaux. | Château des Biscarrats

No certification: Château de Musset. | Château Les Hauts Conseillants. | Château Les Hautes Tuileries.