La Rioja Alta is an historic winery in the Rioja region of Spain. It was founded in 1890 in the Barrio de la Estacion district of Haro by a consortium of five families.

Vineyards: Around 400 hectares (988 acres), making the estate unusual in Rioja for being almost self-sufficient in grapes.

Winery: The historic winery is in the Barrio de la Estacion district of Haro, with modern winemaking facilities in Labastida.

Cooperage: American oak is imported from Ohio and Pennsylvania in the US.

Red wines

Rioja Gran Reserva Tinto, 890: The name derives from the first wine made by the company’s first winemaker, Monsieur Vigier, in 1890.

Rioja Gran Reserva Tinto, 904