Jacopo Banti | Estate winery in the Val di Cornia DOC in coastal Tuscany. The agricultural business of the Banti family was begun in 1931 by Lorenzo Banti, father of the present owner, Jacopo Banti, in Campiglia Marittima. He became the first bottler of wine in the Val di Cornia region. Banti’s wines have been appreciated nationwide, and also in West Germany, since 1958. The olive press was built in 1950.

Owner | Lorenzo Banti.

Vvineyards | In the early 2000s extended his vineyard by buying land to the west of Campiglia Marittima.

Olives | Here olives grown on the estate (6ha) and those of other producers are processed using the traditional method of cold-pressing. The press produces extra-virgin olive oil and lemon flavoured oil. The olives here are situated halfway up hillsides (at 250-300 metres above the sea-level).

White wines

Val di Cornia Bianco DOC, Cento’Mini | 2003 80% Clairette, 20% Ansonica. 3,000 bottles.

Val di Cornia Bianco DOC, Podere Angelica | 2003 100% Vermentino. 3,000 bottles.

Red wines

Val di Cornia Rosso DOC, Campalto | 2003 85% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Sangiovese. 5,000 bottles.

VAL di Cornia Rosso DOC, Trafui | Ciliegiolo. 3,000 bottles.

Val di Cornia Rosso DOC, Ceragiolo | 2003 Ciliegiolo. 13,000 bottles

Val di Cornia Rosso DOC, Il Pecato | From the best Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Ciliegiolo grapes. | 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon. 5,000 bottles.

Val di Cornia Rosso DOC Aleatico, Sciata | 2003 100% Aleatico. 1,600 bottles. Stinky reduced nose and very aggressive acid; good grapes but not so clean; can be 220g/l litre; a bit hit and miss when tasted at the Bolgheri wine route office 22 Feb 2005.


Grappa, brandy, Grappa di ciliegiolo.


Jacopo Banti & C., Via Citerna 24

I-57021 Campiglia Marittima (LI = Livorno), Italy

Tel+39 0565.838802

Website www.jacopobanti.it