Invernenga | Red wine grape native to Italy.

The name | Invernenga is also known as Invernesca. Its main name derives from the century-old habit of letting the grapes air-dry and then enjoying them as table grapes or raisins during winter time (hence Invernenga, in reference to winter, or ‘inverno’ in Italian).

Where grown | Lombardia: it is planted in Europe’s biggest functioning urban vineyard, in the heart of Brescia. The IGT wine to look for is Ronchi di Brescia Bianco. Invernenga can also be included in the IGT Sebino.

Viticulture | Invernenga is characterized by medium to medium-large bunches and berries. Budbreak occurs early.

Wine style | Aromas of honey and apples and a noticeable almond flavor with a floral-spicy edge at the back.


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