Illats (post-code: F-33720) is a commune on the left bank of the Bordeaux region, 30km (19 miles) south-east of the city of Bordeaux itself in the southern part of the Graves region.

Wines: Bordeaux AOC. | Cérons AOC | Crémant de Bordeaux AOC. | Graves AOC.

Terroir: Illats runs parallel to the Garonne river but is separated from it by the communes of Podensac and Cérons, is a degree or two cooler, and has a more varied terroir than either ranging from flat clay to impressive folds of gravel with little but woods in between. The hillot or ‘little hill’ of fine, red gravel from which Illats takes its name is occupied by Château Hillot. 


Château de Callac. | Château d’Archambeau. | Château Hillot.