The Gulf of St. Florent on the French island of Corsica (La Corse), formerly also known as the Gulf of St. Mary of Nebbio, is an important military strategic site. At any time until the liberation of Corsica in 1944, armed troops (Roman, Genoese, Aragonese, French – expedition in 1553 of the French armies of General De Thermes, Anglo-Corsicans, Italians and of course Corsicans), landed there, fought and defended the place. The evidence of this remains, including a citadel, blockhouse, defence and watchtowers. The tower of Mortella was destroyed by Admiral Nelson’s English fleet. A national necropolis of the dead Moroccan Tabors (10 goumiers killed during the Liberation of Corsica from 10/09/1943 to 30/10/1943) stands on the side of the D81 road, above the beach of the Hospital.

See also the wine producing commune of Saint-Florent which overlooks and takes its name from the gulf.