Groppello group | The Groppello group or family of grape varieties is native to Italy

The name | The name historically described varieties with an extremely compact bunch, resembling a closed fist or knot (‘grop’ being local dialect for knot or fist).

Group members, biotypes | The main Groppello variety is Groppello Gentile. Two others of note are Groppello di Mocasina (found in Lombardy’s Garda area), and Groppello di Revo (found in the Val di Non in Trentino). Groppellone is a biotype of Groppello Gentile with larger bunches and berries that is also grown in Lombardy. See also Groppello di Breganze (which in fact is not a Groppello but Pignola Nera), and Groppello di Berici.

In the vineyard | All Groppellos have cylindrical-conical bunches so compact that the berries are slightly flattened due to being squashed together. All Groppellos are disease-resistant, though the compact nature of the bunch makes them sensitive to grey rot (Botrytis cinerea).

Wine style | Bright acidity. Lively tannins. Aromas of red cherry, violet, tobacco, spices (marjoram, olive wood, especially black pepper). In general, Groppello wines are best young young, within a year of the vintage, although riserva wines will have more staying power. 


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