GROPPELLO GENTILE, red wine grape variety, the most important member of the Groppello group of grape varieties. It is grown mainly in the Lombardia (Lombardy) region of Italy. It is also found in Trentino. It is almost always blended with Groppello di Mocasina.

In the vineyard | Groppello Gentile can be distinguished from all other Groppellos by its winged-shaped bunch, and medium-large berries. When the bunch is particularly big, the grape is likely to be the Groppellone biotype

Vineyard area | 300ha (OCW: 2015, p347).

Wine style | Bright acidity, lively tannins. Aromas: red cherry, tobacco, violet plus spices eg. marjoram, olive wood, and especially black pepper. 

Wines | Garda DOC. | Riviera del Garda Bresciano e Valtenesi DOC. 


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