Greco, white grape variety from which the Greco di Tufo DOCG white wine from the Campania region of Italy is made. Note that it is incorrect to say the Greco di Tufo DOCG wine is made with the Greco di Tufo grape variety because such a variety does not exist.

Where grown | As well as being planted elsewhere in Campania, the Greco (sic) grape is also grown in Puglia and Tuscany. The Greco grape should not be confused with Greco Bianco, a genetically distinct grape associated with the Calabria region of Italy (Calabria also has many different varieties named ‘Greco Bianco’, almost all of which are unrelated).

Viticulture | Low vigour. Low productivity. Late ripener. Disease prone.

Wine style | A truly great white grape of Italy, Greco’s wines show depth and impressive structure. Some common threads running through all Greco (grape variety) wines include a golden yellow hue, high alcohol, a rich palate, an oily mouthfeel, marked acidity. Aromas range from flowers to peaches and honey. The wines drink well when young and have the potential for great aging.

Specific styles | Dependent upon site, Greco can turn out differently styled wine. In Tufo, es- pecially in the higher, steeper sites, the wines can show the most elegant and mineral-focused elements. In Montefusco, which is at lower elevations, the wines demonstrate more structure and weight.

Wines | Greco di Tufo DOCG (Campania).


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