Ghiacchè is a red wine grape native to Italy. Giacchè is a teinturier grape variety, a colouring agent just like the members of the Colorino group.

Where grown: Lazio, Toscana, Umbria: it grows in central Italy in sporadic plots of vines and is probably most abundant in Lazio.

Viticulture: Giacchè is a very late-ripening variety, producing very small wine volumes (very small berries).

Wine style: Deep purple in colour, with aromas and somewhat chunky flavours of prunes, cocoa, and herbs, invariably with a weedy, floral edge. Giacchè wines offer real structure but relatively smooth tannins. The air-dried version (made from grapes left on the vine but with the stalks severed or twisted) offers greater depth and complexity of flavour.


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