Gérard Bertrand is a former French international rugby player turned wine-grower. He owns (2018) the largest Demeter-certifed Biodynamic vineyard in France (see below).

Wine estates: Aigues Vives. | Château de l’Hospitalet. | Château de la Soujeole. | Château La Sauvageonne. | Clos d’Ora. | Domaine de Cigalus. | Domaine de l’Aigle. | Domaine des Cathares–part of Aigues Vives. | Domaine de Villemajou. | Laville Bertrou.

Certification: 2018 200 hectares of vines with Demeter Biodynamic certification, making this France’s largest Biodynamic vineyard (Source: Pierre Deffrennes of Demeter France, 08th October 2018).