Gamba Rossa| Red wine grape native to Italy. Gamba Rossa (literally red leg) is better known as Gamba di Pernice (leg of partridge).

Where grown in Italy | Piemonte: Mainly in Asti province (especially around the towns of Calosso and Costigliole d’Asti), and in small quantities in the Saluzzese part of Piedmont.

Viticulture | Medium compact bunches; medium-large berries. It is a late ripening and on average vigorous variety.

Wine style | Young wines have a pretty, bright, medium ruby color, very fresh, floral, and red-berry aromas, and are medium bodied; wines five years and older have am- ber-red hues, along with more spicy peppery, tarry, and balsamic aromas and flavours.


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