Fumin | Red wine grape native to Italy. It is the most cultivated red grape in the central part of the Valle d’Aosta  region in north-east Italy. Its thick white bloom, which looks powdered with ash (‘fumo’ in Italian) gave rise to the name Fumin.

Relationships | Fumin is related to two other important local varieties as the progenitor of Vuillermin and as the sibling of Petit Rouge.

Wines | Valle d’Aosta: Valle d’Aosta DOC Fumin.

Viticulture | Hardy and productive, Fumin is also well adapted to cold climates, which is a blessing in its sub-Alpine habitat and helps explain why it is historically planted on north-exposed sites.

Wine style | Medium-weight. Red fruits dominate the flavour profile, with smoky spices, black pepper and a green herbal undertone. With good colour, firm acidity and solid tannic structure, Fumin has reasonable aging potential. Historically, it was used in blends to give color and body. However varietal bottling has been on the rise for the past 20 years. Some producers use air-dried grapes to give richness and a smoother texture to the wine.


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