Freisa d‘Asti is a red wine only denomination in the Monferrato area of Piemonte, Italy. The production zone covers the hills in the province of Asti, and excludes the lower lying municipal areas of Cellarengo d’Asti and Villanova d’Asti.

Wines: Freisa d’Asti DOC. | Freisa d’Asti DOC Superiore. | Freisa d’Asti DOC Spumante. | Freisa d’Asti DOC Frizzante.

Wine production: | 2011 10,148hl. | 2012 8,064hl. | 2013 10,840hl. / 2014 10,009hl. | 2015 9,713hl. | 2016 4,456hl.


No certificationAmelio Livio (Grana).