Formative forces in Biodynamics | One of the things that sets Biodynamics apart is the use of nine Biodynamic preparations 500-508 which are used as sprays or in compost, all of which are applied to the cropland. These preparations provide both tangible physical matter (composted organic matter for example) and intangible forces. This stems from the suggestion made by Rudolf Steiner in his Agriculture Course in 1924 that the Earth is exhausted not only because of our overuse of her physical resources but also because her own forces are diminishing. The Biodynamic preparations play a role in addressing this ‘because they simultaneously draw cosmic forces, living processes and mineral substances harmoniously and more strongly into the equation,’ says Richard Swann (2018, p13) who adds that ‘though the role of common sense and good practice should never be neglected no other system addresses the issue of forces in such an effective manner.’


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