FATTORIA LA PARRINA, farm-vineyard in the township or Orbetello in Grosseto province on the Etruscan coast (‘Costa degli Etruschi) of south-west Tuscany. The estate, which is approached by a line of eucalyptus trees, produces white wines under the Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario DOC, the Capalbio Bianco DOC and the Parrina Bianco DOC. Red wines are made under the Maremma Toscana DOC

OWNER | Franca Spinola Malfatti (her uncle is Francesco Giuntini of the Selvapiana estate in the Chianti Rufina DOCG). In the mid-19th century the Giuntini brothers–including Guido Giuntini, a Florentine banker and great grandfather of Piero Stucchi-Prinetti of Badia a Coltibuono–decided to go into agriculture and bought three Tuscan estates: Selvapiana, in Chianti Rufina, and Badia a Coltibuono in Chianti Classico (which Guido Giuntini bought in 1846) and La Parrina. La Parrina was a wedding present given by a Strozzi to a Giuntini (the great-grandfather of the present owner, Franca Spinola Malfatti) in 1830. In 1854 Guido Giuntini created the threshing machine (commemorated by a plaque on the wall in the courtyard). The Maremma sheep dog, which is white, was also bred here.

VINEYARDS | 2005 55 ha of vines on a 530 ha estate which includes peaches, apples, apricots, kiwis, plus land for vegetables; 70 ha of pure pasture land for 800 sheep, plus 3,000 olive trees and a flock of goats for cheese. Half the estate is macchia [scrub].

TERROIR | Red volcanic soil. From the top of the estate the coastal pineta, the lagoon of Ortbetello and Monte Argentario are visible. The winery is just 40 metres above sea level. Proximity to the sea means frost never strikes.


ANSONICA COSTA DELL’ARGENTARIO DOC2003 Skin contact. Cryomaceration. Unoaked. Decent. Lovely zip and flavour, lime peel and peach but very dry and exciting at the winery on Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.

CAPALBIO BIANCO DOC, VIALETTO | 100% Trebbiano Toscano, picked in two stages for extra richness.

PARRINA BIANCO DOC, LA PARRINA BIANCO2003 50% Trebbiano Toscano, 30% Chardonnay, 20% Sauvignon Blanc & Ansonica. Bit oxidised (the bottle) but the fruit is warm, round, limey and clean, slight spice too, plenty of body at the winery on Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.

MAREMMA ROSSO DOC, RADAIA | 2001 100% Merlot; good varietal character; nice sweet tannins from fruit and oak; also dry finish; good food wines, simple, solid, unpretentious at the winery on Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.

PARRINA ROSSO DOC, LA PARRINA SANGIOVESE | From soils described as ‘limo-argilloso calcareo’ or calcareous silty-clay. / 2003 100% Sangiovese. Sweet fruit, aromatic, almost high tone, juicy and lightish but good effort in a wet year at the winery on Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.

PARRINA ROSSO DOC, MURACCIO | A cru, named after the nearby Etruscan remains. Foot of a hill. | 2003 80% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot. 10m in barrel, older wood which comes through as the tannin is a little dry against sweet berry fruit; nice weight, elegant at the winery on Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.

PARRINA ROSSO DOC RISERVA, LA PARRINA ROSSO2000 80% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet, 10% Merlot. More new oak than the basic La Parrina red, so lots of black fruit but well made, simple country wine and not too oaky at the winery on Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.

OTHER ACTIVITIES | Farm shop Sells goods from the estate eg, fruit and veg, counter for cheese, tomato sauces, conserves of peperoncino and cipolle, olive oil, yoghurt, and veg. Cheese ‘Guttus’ is a blue cheese like Roquefort’, Goat cheeses are flavoured with charcoal, chopped almonds, chilli and chives; ewe’s milk cheese are flavoured with rocket or truffle; also ‘formaggio pecorino alle vinacce’ is a ewe’s millk cheese flavoured with grape marc (on sale in November and December). Yoghurt is made from lemon, apricot, strawberry and mixed berry fruits. Accommodation Houses for rent. Olive oil from 50% Frantoio, 30% Leccino and 20% Moraiolo. Vinegar Aceto balsamico: from Trebbiano, must heated over a flame in uncovered vats. Honey from rosemary, eucalyptus, hawthorn and mixed flower honeys. Restaurant Open in the summer for the guests and also for the public.


Visit Wednesday morning 9th March 2005.


Fattoria La Parrina, Loc Albinia, I-58010 Orbetello (GR = Grosseto), Italy | +39 0564.862626