Egon Müller-Scharzhof | Winery in the Saar region of Germany, located in a tributary valley of the Saar river, about halfway between Wiltingen and Oberemmel, and at the foot of the Scharzhofberg hill (Hans Ambrosi: 1976, p.37-8), a wall of vines (Stuart Pigott: 1995, p.35). Hans Ambrosi (1976, p.37-8) says ‘the Scharzhof name is of Roman origin. In 1030, Archbishop Poppo, a native of Badenberg, bestowed the estate on the Benedictine monastery of “St Marien ad martyres” in Trier. During the French Revolution in 1796, it was secularized and auctioned on “11 Thermidor de l’an V” (July 7, 1797) when it was acquired by the great-great-grandfather of Egon Müller, the present proprietor. Part of it passed into other hands through inheritance.’ 

Owner | Egon Müller.

Vineyards | In Wiltingen. Wines are made from the following sites: Wiltinger Braune Kupp. | Wiltinger Klosterberg. | Wiltinger Braunfels. | Scharzhofberg. | Soil Schist (Ambrosi 1976, p.38).

Wine label | The word ‘Scharzhofberger’ is printed diagonally in black and gold on a white background with a view of the manor and part of the vineyard with a gold vine leaf surrounding it (Hans Ambrosi (1976, p.38).

White wines

Wiltinger Braune Kupp

Wiltinger Klosterberg

Wiltinger Braunfels



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