Durella is a white wine grape native to Italy. Durella takes its name from its rather tough skin (durella means hard or angry). It is found in Veneto, Toscana (Tuscany) and  Lombardia (Lombardy).

Where grown: Veneto: Durella grows mainly in Veneto, between Verona and Vicenza. | Tuscany: Durella is found in northwestern Tuscany near Massa Carrara (where it is called Durella Gentile). See also Val di Magra IGT| Lombardy: yes.

Viticulture: Medium-sized bunches and berries. It is vigourous and produces constant and abundant yields.

Wines: In the Lessini-Durello DOC at least 85% Durella must be used. Other DOC wines that include small percentages of Durella are Monti Lessini, Breganze, and Gambellara; there are also numerous IGT wines.

Wine style: High-acid wines blessed. Delicate aromas and flavours of white flowers, fresh fruits (especially green apple and lemon) and mineral notes.


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