Doux d’Henry | Red wine grape native to Italy. Doux d’Henry is found in the Piemonte region where it is limited to small pockets on the outskirts of Torino, to Piedmont’s Pinerolese area, and to the Valle Chisone and the Valle Germanasca. The DOC Pinerolese Doux d’Henry wines are probably best, but the variety is also included in DOC Rosso Pinerolese wine blends.

Viticulture | Doux d’Henry produces medium-large bunches and berries. It is a difficult grape to grow. It is affected by mille- randage and berry shatter, and when its bunches are compact, botrytis bunch rot becomes a problem too. It is an early ripener.

Wine style | Doux d’Henry has always been used in blends, adding perfume to wines. There are a number of very good, refreshing monovarietal red wines made, characterized by flavors and aromas of sour red cherry and red berries.


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