DOMAINE VINCENT GAUDRY is a family-owned estate winery in the Sancerre AOC region of France’s Loire Valley.

OWNERS Vincent Gaudry, his wife Séverine and Vincent’s mother Danièle.

VINEYARDS (2013, 2017) 8ha (20 acres). 90% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Pinot Noir.

TERROIR The vines are found on the three distinct terroirs typical of Sancerre (which see), namely ‘terres blanches’ for vines in Sury-en-Vaux (on 41B rootstock to avoid chlorosis; older vines since removed had been planted on 3309C rootstock), ‘silex’ for vines in St-Satur (on 3309C rootstock), and ‘caillottes’ for vines in Sancerre itself (on 41B, SO4, or 3309C rootstocks).

CERTIFICATION 1997 First organic trials. 1999 First Biodynamic trials. 2004 Full Demeter Biodynamic certification for the first time. 2017 Full Demeter Biodynamic certification still.

CONTACT Domaine Vincent Gaudry, Petit Chambre, Sury en Vaux, F-18300 Sancerre (Cher), France / +33 (0) /