Domaine Marcel Deiss is a Biodynamic estate winery in Bergheim (Haut-Rhin) in the Alsace region of France. The estate was established in 1949 by Marcel Deiss. His son André took over the domaine almost immediately. In 1973 Jean-Michel Deiss, took over from his father André. In April 2001 Jean-Michel Deiss was due to succeed André Ostertag as President of ‘Vignes Vivantes’.

Owner: Jean-Michel Deiss. He is married to Clarisse. “Jean-Michel Deiss is certainly vinous Alsace’s most controversial Biodynamic wine grower, but possibly also its most brilliant. The wines are as intense as the man, and if ever you get the chance to taste them in his presence you will be expected to take your time over them, to appreciate them, to understand them and to remember them. He’ll draw you pictures of vines, roots, soils, grape clusters and vine shoots to help you remember the wines. My tip would be to ask opened bottles to be resealed so that you can return to Deiss’s unprepossessing house-come-winery 5-10 days later, to see how the best wines have evolved with the benefit of aeration, but not been damaged by the process. Deiss is someone who arouses such strong opinions that it is impossible to be in Alsace for any length of time without his name cropping up and animating hitherto banal conversations. He is scruffy to look at, his greying beard in permanent need of what New World winegrowers would call ‘canopy management’, and his boiler suit almost shabby. However, you can see the way his workers, both in the winery and in the vineyard, talk with him that he is hugely admired, respected, trusted. It seems bizarre that so many of his Alsace peers have judged him often so severely, and usually from such distance,’ (Monty Waldin, Biodynamic Wines, 2004).

Staff: Marie-Hélène Cristofaro.

Certification: 1998 Agence Bio Date d’engagement: 12th September 1998. Mention Demeter (Association Demeter France). | 2020 Still Demeter certified.


Domaine Marcel Deiss

15 route du Vin

F-68750 Bergheim (Haut-Rhin), France

Tel +33 (0)


Agence Bio: EARL Marcel Deiss