Domaine Ganevat is a Biodynamic vineyard and winery in Rotalier in the Jura region of FranceJean-François (“Fanfan”) Ganevat ( spent 10 years working in Chassagne-Montrachet for Jean-Marc Morey (as chef de culture and cellar master), leaving in 1998. His first proper vintage here was 1999. Wines are made under the Côtes du Jura AOC.

Vineyards: 8ha.

Biodynamics: Stirs by hand in a copper alambic. Uses both horn manure ‘500’ and (mainly) the prepared horn manure 500P. Plant-based sprays include dandelion, stinging nettle and common horsetail teas/decoctions.

Biodynamic Certification: 2008 First vintage with full organic certification. | 2016 Demeter certified Biodynamic.

White wines

Côtes du Jura Blanc AOC, Savagnin Ouillé Vignes de Mon Père: 1999 Based on Savagnin topped up and aged for nine years in barrels with the complexity of a vin jaune (Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrène).

Chardonnay, Grusse en Billat: 2008 Exists.

Chardonnay, Florine Ganevat:

Chardonnay, Les Grandes Teppes: 2008 Les Grandes Teppes are ninety year old vines in 2008. Twenty four months sur lie, aged in demi-muids (Doug Wregg).

Chardonnay, Chalasses Marnes Vieilles Vignes: Vines planted around 1900.

Chardonnay, Cuvée Marguerite: Only sold in magnums. 2008 Made from Melon à Queue Rouge, a red stemmed grape that, according to Stephane Tissot, evolved from Chardonnay in the Jura.It is not the same as Chardonnay, but it came from Chardonnay. Other Jura producers believe that Melon-Queue-Rouge is a cousin of Chardonnay or even the same grape,’ says Doug Wregg.

Savagnin Blanc Ouillé Chalasses Marnes: ‘Savagnin topped up [not left on ullage]. The wine acquires sherry-style nourishment from the yeasts and reveals all the concomitant nutty/dry spicy notes that you might expect,’ says Doug Wregg.

Red wines

Pinot Noir, Cuvée Julien Ganevat, Domaine J-F Ganevat

J’en Veux Sans Soufre, Vin de Table Rouge: The name means ‘I want some.’ 2009 A blend of various red grapes. No added sulfites.

Trousseau Plein Sud sous la Roche, Sans Soufre: 2009 ‘Trousseau on marne with big stones. It is apparently not necessary to do a green harvest on this cuvee because the vines are from a selection of old vines that only give small yields (selection massale). The vines face due south on a 50% incline. No added sulfites,’ says Doug Wregg.

Poulsard L’Enfant Terrible Vieilles Vignes Sans Soufre: 2009 No added sulfites. ‘From 50 year old Poulsard. Yields as low as 10 hl/ha vines,’ says Doug Wregg.

Vin de Paille

2002 Half bottle. Poulsard, Savagnin and Chardonnay. ‘A selection of naturally super ripe grapes left to raisin traditionally on straw mats to concentrate the sugar before pressing. 360 grams residual sugar, 8.7g/l acidity,’ says Doug Wregg.


Domaine J-F Ganevat

La Combe, F-39190 Rotalier (Jura), France

Tel+33 (0)