DOMAINE DE LA CABOTTE is a Biodynamic estate winery in France’s Rhône valley.

OWNER / SARL Marie-Pierre Plumet D’Ardhuy.

CONTACT / Marie-Pierre d’Ardhuy-Plumet and her husband Eric Plumet.

BACKGROUND / In 1947 whilst harvesting in Burgundy Gabriel D’Ardhuy met his future wife, Éliane whose parents were wine-growers. Today, two of Gabriel and Éliane’s seven children are wine-growers, Mireille D’Ardhuy-Santiard at Domaine D’Ardhuy in Burgundy, and Madame Marie-Pierre D’Ardhuy (with her husband Eric Plumet who began working here in 1986) in the Rhône Valley at Domaine de la Cabotte, which Gabriel D’Ardhuy acquired in 1980.

VINEYARDS / Domaine de la Cabotte’s vines are located in a single block in the commune of Mondragon, between Orange and Bollène on the Massif d’Uchaux. There are 45ha of land in total (in a single block) of which 30ha are vines, including 0.57ha of Châteauneuf-du-Pape which was acquired in 2005. Stony soils.

BIODYNAMICS / Two wooden dynamisers (2 x 500-litres). Maria Thun’s Barrel compost is sprayed in autumn, Horn manure 500 is sprayed in spring and Horn silica 501 is sprayed during the growing season. Teas from stinging nettle, yarrow, chamomile, oak bark, valerian and dandelion. No compost (so far, upto 2010). Jacques Mell consults.

CERTIFICATION / 2010 First vintage with both organic and Demeter Biodynamic certification. / 2017 Still Demeter Biodynamic in


COTES DU RHONE BLANC AOC, COLLINE / See here for more on this appellation. / The estate sits on a petite colline or small hill (150-180 metres). Around 18,000 bottles. / 2011 45% Grenache Blanc, 40% Clairette, 15% Viognier. All the grape varieties are picked apart but fermented together, so the flavour of no single variety can dominate the blend. Unyeasted. Stainless steel. 20,000 bottles. Fabulous soft and easy fruit, very nice, vif, floral peach flower, spice, une belle tension at Millésime Bio 2012.

COTES DU RHONE-VILLAGES BLANC AOC, SAUVAGEONNE / See here for more on this appellation. / 100% Clairette. Fermented and aged in barriques. / 2010 Debut 2010.


COTES DU RHONE ROUGE AOC / See here for more on this appellation. / 65% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 5% Cinsault and 5% Carignan. 60,000 bottles.

COTES DU RHONE-VILLAGES MASSIF D’UCHAUX ROUGE AOC, GABRIEL / See here for more on this appellation. / 50% Syrah and 50% Grenache. Partly aged in barriques. 5,000 bottles.

COTES DU RHONE-VILLAGES MASSIF D’UCHAUX ROUGE AOC, GARANCE / See here for more on this appellation. / 2010 50% Grenache + 25% Mourvèdre + 25% Syrah. 40,000 bottles. Very good again, lovely tension at Millésime Bio Jan 2012.

CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE ROUGE AOC / See here for more on this appellation. / Mainly Grenache Noir, plus Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Clairette and Vaccarese. One third aged in barriques. 2,400 bottles.


Domaine de la Cabotte, Quartier Les Vinsacs, F-84430 Mondragon (Vaucluse), France / Tel+33 (0). /