DOLCETTO DI DOGLIANI DOCG, red wine from the Dolcetto grape variety grown in the lower Langhe area of southern Piemonte, in Italy. Dolcetto di Dogliani became and DOC in 1974 and was upgraded to DOCG in 2005. It subsequently incorporated the Dolcetto delle Langhe Monregalesi DOC in 2011. The best Dolcetto sites in Piemonte are supposedly found here. Elsewhere, Dolcetto gets relegated to sites unsuited to Nebbiolo.

PRODUCTION AREAThe Dogliani production area is where hills rise towards the Apennines which separate Piemonte and Liguria. It covers Dogliani with Belvedere Langhe, Clavesana, Cigliè, Farigliano, Monchiero, Rocca Cigliè, and part of Roddino e Somano. Vineyards at around 400 metres.

VINEYARDS | Around 1,000 hectares.