Dobosi | Organic winery in the Balatonfüred Csopak region of Hungary.

Vineyards | 2017 25 hectares (61.7 acres).

Organic certification | 2004 First vintage with full organic certification.

White wines

Juhfark Bio | 2017 Organic. 13% alcohol. Lots of acidity (typical of this variety), plenture of texture too (VINCE April 2018).

Olaszrizling Bio | 2017 Organic. 1.5g/l residual sugar. 13% alcohol. Simple lime fruit (VINCE April 2018).

Olaszrizling Bio, Hamonszog | 2016 Organic Creamy quince fruity, plenty of mouthfeel (extract), some noble rot grapes in this at (VINCE April 2018).

Kèknyelu Bio | 2016 Organic. 13% alcohol. Cooler year. A bit flat has some weight, creamy pineapple fruit (VINCE April 2018).

Pink wines

Kékfrankos Bio Rosé | 2017 Organic. 3g/l residual sugar. Light, spritzy simple pink fruit (VINCE 2018).

Red wines



Dobosi Pincészet és Vendégház

Fou 81

8272 Szentantalfa, Hungary