Tenute Dettori is a Biodynamic producer in the Romangia region of Sardinia.

Owner: Alessandro Dettori.

Vineyards: 32ha of vines (Vermentino, Monica, Cannonau, Pacale and Moscato), plus 20ha of land for field crops (grano). Also vegetables, fruit and 3ha of olives for the family. 230 metres. Limestone hills. 100% bush vines. 5,500 vines/ha. The Vermentino was planted in the 1950s (Rupestris du Lot). Some of the red grapes are ungrafted and date from the late 19th century.

Organics, Biodynamics: In 2007 cover crops were sown (crimson clover, Egyptian (Berseem) clover, Trifoglio pratese or red clover) plus vetch, avena, loietto and favino. Uses 500 and 501. No compost. Chamomile, stinging nettle and yarrow.

Certification: Alessandro Dettori told me he had organic certification but stopped as the controls were not not thorough enough in his view, despite significant inspection fees. He said the ISO 9001 control was more thorough. ‘If I use a banned product in organics no one will know. I’ll just lose my certification. If I use a banned product because of the claim I make on my labels the fraud squad close my winery down,’ he told me by ‘phone in 2010. | 2011 Re-applied for Suolo e Salute and Demeter certification. | 2017 Attended Millésime Bio 2017 on Leonello Anello’s DIVIBIO stand. / 2019 Listed as a member of Renaissance des Appellations.

White wines

Romangia Bianco, Dettori: ‘Vermentino. A phenomenally pure Galluran white. Old clones, single vineyard with bush vines on poor granitic soils, minimal spraying (doctor mistral), tiny yields, virtually no sulphites, no temperature control. Ages in cement. Unfiltered, unclarified. More cloudy amber than yellow. Not hint of oxidation. Funky, captivating, overripe citrus, roasted almonds, fennel-oily, apple-skin, ripe figs, flowers, ginger beer and granitic minerals,’ (Caves de Pyrène). | 2006 Very interesting white, grows on you, organic old style but modern with lovely acid. The back label reads: “I don’t follow the market. I produce wines that I like, wines from my territory, wines from Sennori. They are what they are and not what you want them to be. Alessandro Dettori.’

Romangia Bianco, Moscadeddu: From Moscato Bianco (could be labelled as Moscato di Sorso-Senori DOC), which is the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains (Moscato Bianco). ‘Ripe bergamot, tangerine peel, raisins, acacia and hawthorn,’ (Caves de Pyrène). | 2007 15.5%. Lovely depth, amber colour, very good acidity, not overbearing sweetness or alcohol.

Red wines

Romangia Rosso: From 120-year old vines in Sardegna. Vinified in cement with no temperature control, no filtration.

Romangia Rosso, Chimbanta: From Monica. Cement. | 2007 Deep, minty fruit, and plenty of acid and alcohol at 17.5%

Romangia Rosso, Tuderi: 100% Cannonau (Italy’s name for Grenache). Cement. No filtration. | 2003 Cannonau. Unfiltered. Interesting, sherry-like at the SITT tasting, Vinopolis 25 Feb 2009.

Romangia Rosso, Otto Marzo: Pascale.

Romangia Rosso, Dettori Rosso: Cannonau.

Romangia Rosso, Tenores: Cannonau.


Tenute Dettori

(Società Agricola Badde Nigolosu srl)

Località Badde Nigolosu

I-07036 Sennori (SS = Sassari), Italy |

Tel+39 079.9737428 or 079.512772