DEMARIE is a family-owned winery in the Roero region of Piemonte which is currently run by Paolo Demarie, his wife Monica, and Paolo’s brother Aldo. They took over in 2000 from Paolo’s parents (they had started in 1957). Paolo’s grandfather had 10 children, meaning the company was split into 10 parts upon his death. The family has relations in Côte d’Azur, hence the French-sounding name. Paolo’s father was born 1935 and was the youngest of the boys (the final child was born 20 years later).

VINEYARDS | 2017 26 hectares (61.7 acres) of vines. Of this 6 hectares (14.8 acres) is Arneis. Only indigenous varietals. Want to rent or buy more red wines planted on higher or south-east facing ground. Mostly Michet for Nebbiolo. 150,000 bottles.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION | 2019 First vintage with full organic certification.

WINERY | New winery 2013. A+ energy certification.

MAIN WINES | Barbaresco DOCG. / Barolo DOCG. / Roero Arneis DOCG. / Roero Rosso DOCG


METODO CLASSICO Traditional method sparkling wine 13.5% on the label, in fact nearly 14%. Arneis on sandy soil. No dosage. 24 hours of cold maceration. Sur lies.


ROERO ARNEIS DOCG / From 5 hectares (12.35 acres). 30-35 years old. Wants acidity as it can drop quickly. Light green harvest otherwise too much sun on the grapes. Working on a skin contact white in 2015, in cement, 30-40 days. Ageing in used oak. / 2016 13.5%. “We do not want too much citrus. 24 hours cold soak. Cool ferment in steel. Show the beauty of this wine, easy style, not over-extracted. Easy, floral, fruity.” Nice, fruity, well made, nice weight in the tasting room in Barolo (round table discussion) on 19th April 2017.




ROERO ROSSO DOCG RISERVA | 2013 100% Nebbiolo. Fermented in cement. No temperature control. French oak. Planted in 1946. On top of the hill. This plot was where they started organics. Sandy soil. S-E facing. Steep. Has to be worked by hand. Inherited by Paolo’s father and so thence to him. Sweet oak, well made, balanced and juicy, international but savoury too in the tasting room in Barolo (round table discussion) on 19th April 2017. “Want a food-friendly wine, despite the oak.”


2017 USA main market, SE coast of USA. Germany 2nd market.


Az Agr Demarie Giovanni di Demarie Aldo / Via Castellinaldo, 16 / I-12040 Vezza d’Alba (CN = Cuneo), Italy / Tel+39 173.65454 /