Dandelion cold extract | A plant-based spray used in organics and Biodynamics. Dandelion cold extract is derived from dandelion. The same plant is also used to make the Dandelion 506 compost preparation, one of nine preparations used by Biodynamic growers.

Why used | This is a good stimulant for plant growth. In addition it concentrates and improves flavours in crops.

How made | Roughly chop 200 grammes of the leaves, flowers and young shoots. The whole plant can be used, including its roots. Add to one litre of cold water and leave for 2 days. Filter before using. It can be used as a concentrate or diluted. If dilutes use at 20% dilution: 20 centilitres for one litre of water. It can be sprayed on plants and crops. It can also be sprayed on the soil around plants in spring or autumn.


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