Crociani | Estate winery in the Montepulciano region of Tuscany owned by the Crociani family.

Owner | Arnaldo Crociani [comes from a long line of wine men]. Now run by Susanna Crociani it seems.

Staff | Oen: Roberto Bruchi.

Vineyards | 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of land with 4 hectares (9.9 acres) of vineyards at Caggiole, just to the north of Montepulciano. 350 metres (1,150 feet). Low vine density.

Winery | Cellars in the town of Montepulciano.

Red wines

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG | 2002 Slightly corked, little fruit, drying tannin, sherry-like and volatile when tasted at the consorzio on Tuesday 8th March 2005.

Sweet wines

Vin Santo di Montepulcino DOC


Crociani, Via del Poliziano 15, I-53045 Montepulciano (SI = Siena), Italy

Tel+39 0578.757919 |