Cornalin | Red wine grape native to the Aosta or Valle d’Aosta region of Italy. Cornalin may take its name from ‘corniola’, or carnelian, the semi-precious mountain gemstone; or from the town of Colignola, one of the epicentres of initial Cornalin cultivation.

Where grown | Valle d’Aosta: in addition to being used in Valle d’Aosta DOC blends such as Torrette, this grape has been awarded its own sub-denomination, Valle d’Aosta DOC Cornalin.

Viticulture | Similar to Petit Rouge. Cornalin is characterized by a medium-small, pyramidal, round berries. It is both vigorous and a dependable producer.

Wine style | Cornalin shows intense redcurrant and lightly smoky-spicy aromas and flavours (pepper, vanilla, thyme, tobacco). Medium-low acidity. The wine is tannic and needs bottle age to show its considerable potential.


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