COOPERATIVA OLEARIA VINICOLA ORSOGNA is a cooperative in the province of Chieti in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It was founded in 1968. It produces both olive oil and wine. Orsogna’s brand of Demeter-certified Biodynamic wine is marketed under the Lunaria Orsogna brand.


Olearia Vinicola Orsogna’s Fraia brand of extra virgin olive oil is made from centuries-old olive groves containing heritage cultivars like Intosso, Gentile di Chieti, Cucco, Olivastro and Crognalegno.


On the outskirts of Orsogna, in the Ortonese district, at km 17,550 of the SP ex SS 538 Via Marrucina, the headquarters of the cooperative has a sales outlet inside and offers tastings, guided tours and demonstrations.


Olearia Vinicola Orsogna, Via Ortonese, 29 – I-66036 Orsogna (CH = Chieti), Italy | Tel+39 0871.86241 |