CONSORZIO I DOLOMITICI, LIBERI VITICOLTORI TRENTINI, group of self-styled ‘free viticulturists of Trentino’ founded in 2009 by eleven winegrowers (10 members in 2018) from Trentino in northern Italy, whose mountainous backdrop in the form of the Dolomites (‘i dolomitici’) figures in the group’s title name (see also the Vigneti delle Dolomiti denomination). The moniker ‘free’ (‘liberi’) derives from the fact that each grower estate bottles, rather than sends grapes to the co-operatives which dominate local wine production. The key player behind the group’s creation was Elisabetta Foradori. The focus is on enhanced biodiversity via organic or Biodynamic viticulture, and a on native grape varities such as Enantio, Nosiola, Manzoni Bianco, Teroldego and Lambrusco a Foglia Frastagliata. The group has now gained Consorzio status. 

FOUNDING MEMBERS | Castel Noarna. / Cesconi. / Dalzocchio. / Elisabetta Foradori. / Eugenio Rosi. / Fanti. / Francesco Poli. / Gino Pedrotti. / Maso Furli. / Molino dei Lessi. / Vilar di Luigi Spagnoli.


VIGNETI DELLE DOLOMITI, CISO | The ‘Ciso’ (Narciso) vineyard is located in Mama d’Avio and was planted in the 1980s with ungrafted Lambrusco a Foglia Frastagliata. Sandy soils (hence ungrafted). Pergola training. The vineyards was going to be grubbed up but it was saved by the Consorzio I Dolomitici, Liberi Viticoltori Trentini and is now managed by the group. / 2010 Debut. / 2011 Tank only. Around 3,000 bottles. Made at Elisabetta Foradori’s cellar. Very good, bold at Vinitaly 9th April 2013.


Consorzio I Dolomitici, Liberi Viticoltori Trentini /


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