Cococciola | White wine grape native to Italy thought to originate in Puglia. It was essentially unknown outside its immediate production zone in the Abruzzo region until the 1990s. This was because Cococciola was anonymously blended into wines such as Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC.

Family history | Cococciola was thought to be a biotype of Trebbiano Toscano. It is likely to be a relative of Bombino Bianco.

Also known as | Cocacciara and Cacciola.

Wine styles | Blending component in dry, still whites. Few mono-varietal wines. Occasional sparkling versions. 

Wines | Abruzzo: Abruzzo DOC. | Colline Pescaresi IGP. | Terre di Chieti IGP. | Puglia: Puglia IGP. | Also grown in: Molise.

Viticulture | Early ripening, easy to grow and high yielding, Cococciola is adaptable even in less favourable sites; all of which make it very appealing to growers.

Wine style | Pale straw green in colour. Delicate menthol and lemon aromas and flavours. Vibrant acidity, tactile saline, herbal quality. 


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