Chatus, red wine grape native to Italy. In its native Piemonte (‘Piedmont’) it is usually also known as Bournin (in Piedmontese dialect) or as Nebbiolo di Dronero.

Where grown | Piemonte: Chatus was once very common in Piemonte. Today it is found only in the lower Val Maira, mainly on the hills around Saluzzo, Pinerolo and in the Canavese areas.

Viticulture | Medium bunches, small berries. Chatus is an easy variety to grow and is resistant to grey rot. It is very vigorous and productive, and slightly sensitive to powdery mildew.

Wines | Chatus is often blended with other local varieties, such as Barbera or Neretta Canes, providing such blends with body and structure.

Wine style | Chatus produces red  wines with by deep purple-black hues and delicately spicy, herbal aromas.


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