Château Vieux-Pourret | Biodynamic estate vineyard in Saint-Émilion on the right bank of the Bordeaux region. It is run by Sylvie Richert (née Boutet. Born in La Réole) and her husband (Alsacien).

Background | Sylvie Richert took over here after her father Michel Boutet died in 2002. Boutet had bought this 6 hectare estate in the 1980s. Under Boutet, Monsieur Cassignard was consultant oenologist, and the estate was producing around 2,000 cases (Barbour & Ewens: 1990, p120). Michel Boutet had owned six Saint-Émilion estates: Clos de l’Oratoire, Château Haut-Plantey, Château Petit Val, Château Peyreau, Château La Tour Figeac, and Château Vieux Pourret.

Vineyards | 6 hectares (14.82 acres).

Terroir | The estate lies along the northern St-Émilion to Libourne road (D670), on the ancient sands with iron deposits in the subsoil (Barbour & Ewens: 1990, p120).

Biodynamics | Having enjoyed eating biodynamic food, Sylvie immediately converted Vieux Pourret’s vineyard to biodynamics by joining Demeter France, with advice from Jacques Mell. Biodynamic spray preparations horn manure 500 and horn silica 501 are stirred in a 200-litre wooden dynamiser, Sylvie told me by ‘phone on Tuesday morning 23rd July 2007, adding that she did not use the Equisetum arvense 508 (common horsetail) spray (as either a fresh tea or liquid manure).

Biodynamic certification | 2005 First vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certification.

Red wines

Saint-Emilion Granc Cru AOC, Château Vieux-PourretT | 2005 80% Merlot. Slightly drying tannin at Millésime Bio Jan 2009 (on the Redsap stand).


Château Vieux-Pourret

Miaille, F-33330 St-Émilion (Gironde), France

Tel+33 (0) |


Philippe Barbour & David Ewens, Saint Emilion (Wine Buyers Guides, 1990).