Château Renard is located in La Rivière, a commune in the Fronsadais on the right bank of the Bordeaux region. It produces red wines under the Fronsac AOC under both the Château Renard and Château Renard Mondésir labels. The main building is of the ‘directoire’ style.

Owner: Xavier Chassagnoux. 4th generation. His great-grandfather who was from the Corrèze founded a negoçiant business (located in Maubèuge in 1901, but did not follow other Corrèziens (the Moueix and Borie families) in buying land in the Libourne area. It was only in 1954 when the first vines were acquired under his son and grandson.

Vineyards: 7ha. Formed by amalgamating two estates. Light layer of sandy topsoil over limestone (‘sables de renard). On the lower slopes the soils are more ‘arable’, being deeper clay.

Winery: Cement vats.

Red wines

Fronsac AOC, Château Renard Mondésir

Fronsac AOC, Château Renard