Château Petit Village is located in Pomerol on Bordeaux’s right bank. Red wines are made under the Pomerol AOC.

OwnerAXA Millésimes since 1989, having bought it from Bruno Prats who sold to safeguard his family’s Château Cos d’Estournel estate in Saint Éstèphe from inheritance tax.

Vineyards: Château Petit Village overlooks Château Le Pin from the east, and is potentially one of the top half dozen Pomerols. The vines lie between the hamlet of Catusseau, ChâteauVieux-Certan and Château La Conseillante. There are 11ha of vines, on mainly gravel with clay and iron. The site is low enough to have been almost completely destroyed by frost in 1956. The later budding and thus less frost-susceptible Cabernet Sauvignon was prioritised over Merlot, risking green tannins. Petit-Village’s most recent owners, Bruno Prats until 1989 and AXA Millésimes since, are more used to working with left bank Cabernet Sauvignon than with right bank Merlot. In the mid-1990s the encépagement was around 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 70% Merlot and 12% Bouchet (Cabernet Franc).

Winery: A new winery was inaugurated in 2006.

Red wines

Pomerol AOC, Château Petit Village1988 Bruno Prats (qv) was said to have produced a great 1988, but he sold to AXA in 1989. | 1996 42 hl/ha – First year with a second wine. | 1997 Very thick, overripe, torrefaction and coffee, OTT sweet plums, woolly, short, flatters to deceive when tasted at Château Mazeyres in Pomerol with Alain Moueix on 15 Apr 1998.


Château Petit Village

F33500 Pomerol (Gironde), France

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