Château Palmer is a Biodynamic estate in the commune of Margaux on the Bordeaux region’s left bank. Red wines are made under the Margaux AOC.

Owner: British, Dutch and French owned (the château flies the flags of all three nations). The majority shareholding lies with Mähler-Besse, a merchant.

Classification: 1855 Classification 3rd Growth. ‘A candidate for promotion to First Growth status,’ (Hugh Johnson (Wine Companion: 1991, p.55). 

Staff:  Director: Thomas Duroux. Export Director: Christopher Myers.

Vineyard: ‘A superb situation on the gravel rise just above Château Margaux,’ (Hugh Johnson: Wine Companion: 1991, p.55).

Biodynamics2011 Organic trials began. | 2013 Biodynamic practices on around 5 hectares (12.35 acres) (Source: Christopher Myers 2016). | 2014 The entire vineyard was being managed Biodynamically, with certification in course (see below).

Polyculture: The estate has 80 sheep, plus its own herd of cows for the manure needed to make the Biodynamic Horn manure 500 spray preparation (Source: Christopher Myers 2016).

Certification: 2014 First vintage with full organic certification for 18 hectares (44.5 acres) with the rest of the vines in conversion. | 2016 First vintage with full organic certification for the whole estate. | 2017 Full Demeter Biodynamic certification for the first time from the 2017 vintage.

Red wines

Margaux AOC, Château Palmer1961 Palmer owed its reputation in the 20th-century to a legendary 1961. This was built around Merlot vines which were peaking, having been planted in the 1930s. | 1986 Cork taint at a Christmas Day 2005 dinner, at Blervie House, Forres, Scotland.


Château Palmer

Issan, F-33460 Margaux (Gironde), France

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Christopher Myers, at the Innovation Forum event, London 15 March 2016.