Château Fombrauge is an estate in Saint Christophe des Bardes on the right bank of the Bordeaux region. Red wines are made under the Saint Émilion AOC. The château building, a chartreuse, dates from 1679.

Owner: Bernard Magrez (see William Pitters) since 1999. Part of The Bernard Magrez Luxury Wine Experience.

Vineyards: 2002 75ha of land of which 30ha of vines. The Saint Émilion region’s largest estate. North-facing, stretches from the plain to the plateau, limestone-based soils.

Organic certification: 2017 No (Source: Agence Bio).


Bordeaux Blanc AOC, Magrez-Fombrauge: Dry white.

Saint Émilion AOC, Le Cadran de Fombrauge: Second label.

Saint Émilion AOC, Château Fombrauge:

Saint Émilion AOC, Magrez-Fombrauge: A ‘special red cuvée.’


Château Fombrauge

F-33330 St Christophe des Bardes (Gironde), France

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