Château Croizet-Bages is an estate in Pauillac on the left bank of the Bordeaux region. It was divided from Château Lynch-Bages in the 18th century, and produces red wine under the Pauillac AOC.

Owner: Jean-Michel Quié

Classification: 1855 Fifth growth. Château-Croizet Bages was the laSaint-Pauillac estate to be added to the fifth growths.

Staff: Régisseur: Lucien Cintrat. Maitre-de-Chai: Philippe Dorbressan. Visits: Martine Dausson

Red wines

Pauillac AOC, Château Croizet-Bages


Château Croizet-Bages

9 rue-du-Port-de-la Verrerie, F-33250 Pauillac. F-33250 Pauillac, France

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