Château Certan Giraud is located in Catusseau in Pomerol on Bordeaux’s right bank. Red wines are made under the Pomerol AOC. Certan-Giraud was acquired by the Girauds, one of Pomerol’s oldest families. The estate Included the former Certan Marzelle and Clos du Roy. From 1994 improvements begin to be effected here under the management of Philippe Giraud for the owner, Domaines Giraud in the form of Mme Blanchard of St Loubès. She sold the estate to Ets J-P Moueix who changed the name to Château Hosanna.

Vineyards: Pomerol AC: 7.5ha in two blocks, 4.0 ha on the Plateau de Certan between Vieux Château Certan, Lafleur and Pétrus and 3.5ha on sand at Trochau. Merlot (70%) and Bouchet (30%).

Red wines

Pomerol AOC, Clos du Roy: A second label.

Pomerol AC, Château Certan Marzelle: A second label.

Pomerol AOC, Château Certan Giraud