Château Anthonic is one of the oldest vineyard sites in the Moulis en Médoc AOC on the left bank of the Bordeaux region, just north of the village of Moulis en Médoc itself. 

Owner: Cordonnier family. Contact. Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier. He also owns Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux.

Classification: 1932: Cru Bourgeois Superieur.

Background: Château Anthonic is one of Moulis-en-Medoc’s oldest family-owned vineyards. Established towards the end of the 18th century, it belonged to the Hugon family for an extended period of time. In 1850 an estate called Puy de Minjon featured in Cocks et Feret. In 1920 the estate was created, named after the first name of a former owner.

The name: Both Château Anthonic’s name and label are rather unusual for a winery. Before being given its current name “Anthonic” in 1929, our vineyard’s name changed several times and held such different names as Puy de Minjon, Graves de Queytignan or Le Maliney, all local place-names. “Anthonic” is actually named after someone. Indeed, André Hugon wished to honor his father, Antonic Hugon, by given the vineyard his name. The addition of the letter “h” reveals the historic importance of England as an export market for the estate’s wines.

Classification: Cru bourgeois in the first classification of 1932.

The Château: Uninhabited.

The label: Designed in 1929, represents two eagles fighting over a cluster of grapes; local beliefs hold that this is an allegory for the struggle between the wine trade and the estate itself.

Vineyards: There remained only three hectares when Pierre Cordonnier purchased the vineyard in 1977, as historic economic and climatic setbacks had led to plots being sold off over time. | 2016 As a result of successive land purchases and swaps, Château Anthonic had around 40 hectares, approximately equivalent to its size at the beginning of 20th-century.

Organics: The estate converted to certified organic status under Jean-Bernard Despatures, the estate’s then technical manager. Once this was done (and after 16 years of work at Château Anthonic) he left to become a partner in a winery in Belgium. He was succeeded by Emmanuel Chety (whose family had a 40ha organic vineyard).

Organic certification: 2019 First vintage with full organic certification. 

Biodiversity: Anthonic’s natural surroundings include several rare species of fauna (e.g. Montagu’s harriers and other birds of prey, numerous reptile species) and flora (e.g. orchids in banks and ditches).

Winery: In 1989 the estate was amongst the first in the Moulis-en-Médoc AOC to equip its fermentation  tanks with a semi-automatic thermo-regulating system. In 2010 the estate invested in an automated harvest-receipt system.

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