Chardonnay, the white wine grape variety of Burgundy where it is nearly always bottled as a single varietal. It is also found in Champagne, both blended and and as a stand-alone Blanc de Blancs. Aromatically mute when young–Dr Ian D’Agata (2019) describes Chardonnay as not at all aromatic–Chardonnay develops buttery and light musk aromas with age, also nuttiness (eg. in Meursault), allied to textural richness and breadth on the palate.

Where grown: Austria.

Synonyms: Feinburgunder. | Morillon.

Seearomatic grape varieties.

Clones: Chardonnay, Mendoza clone.


Dr Ian d’Agata, Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs (University of California Press, 2019).