CHAMPDIVIN is a Biodynamic winery in the Jura region of France created by Fabrice Closset and Valérie Closset-Gaziaux. Both had parents who practised apiculture and biodynamic gardening and both studied soil science. They then worked in Africa, before consulting to organic wine-growers in the Loire. Their daughter Maxence was born, followed by twins Oriane (a girl) and Aymeric (a boy). In January 2008 the couple took over a wine estate in Gevingey in the Jura from the then 62 year-old Richard Delay. They converted to Biodynamics after spending two days training with Pierre Masson.

Owner | Fabrice Closset and Valérie Closset-Gaziaux (husband and wife).

Vineyards | 5 hectares (12.35 acres) in Gevingey: 2 hectares (4.9 acres) of Pinot Noir, 2 hectares (4.9 acres) of Chardonnay, 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of Savagnin.

Biodynamics | 500P, Horn Silica 501 and Equisetum arvense 508. Teas from willow, yarrow, stinging nettle and 508. These are combined with copper or sulfur treatments. Valerian 507 is sprayed to avoid stress after dry periods, hail or after the vines are trimmed. The 507 can be added when stirring 501 (either at the start or at the end). No solid compost.

Certification | 2008 Conversion to certified organic and Biodynamic status began. | 2010 First vintage with full organic certification. | 2011 First vintage Demeter certified Biodynamic. | 2016 Still Demeter certified Biodynamic.


Crémant du Jura Blanc, Cuvée Chanson | 2009 66% Chardonnay (on clay-limestone, and mainly on SO4), 33% Pinot Noir. 100% MLF. Aged 18 months before disgorging. Zero dosage. 7,000 bottles. Warm creamy doughnut at Millésime Bio 2012.


Jura Blanc AOC, Chardonnay | On clay-limestone, on 3309C and SO4 (although this goes mainly to the Crémant de Jura, above). | 2010 100% MLF. 5,000 bottles. Aromatic herb and honey at Millésime Bio 2012.

Jura Blanc AOC, CastorAs in Castor & Pollux (see flower day). | 2010 Chardonnay, Savagnin. Barrel fermented. Barrels kept topped up (‘ouillé‘). 100% MLF. 5,000 bottles. Well balanced, warm finish at Millésime Bio 2012.

Jura Blanc AOC, Pollux | 2010 Chardonnay-Savagnin. “Non-ouillé” meaning the barrels are not topped up or ouillé, allowing a voile to form (see ouillage). 36 months in oak. 4,000 bottles. Nice, like a lower alcohol fino sherry at Millésime Bio 2012.


Jura Rouge AOC, Cuvée Chanson | 2009 100% Pinot Noir. Crisp start, suggestion of chaptalization due to a warm end at Millésime Bio 2012.


Champ Divin

39 rue du Château

F-39570 Gevingey (Jura), France

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